The Hate Game - No Winners

I have been watching hate on the internet  for a very long time. Hate is never a winning tactic. It may wound and even scar the innocent but it always brings down its creators, the haters - eventually.

 Hate is easy to spot, it causes pain and suffering unnecessarily. Haters always claim they speak an unpopular and unproveable, but obvious, truth. Regardless of what haters claim, they know what they are doing. It always catches up with them.

Some haters are opportunists who use hate rhetoric for self-aggrandizement and to gain followers. Others truly believe the hate they spew.  It really doesn't matter. Either way, by appealing to the worst in people, the haters attract the worst people.

Haters self destruct, hate groups implode constantly - Google it.  Hate victims attract support, love and build communities.

In the short term haters often succeed, there is damage and there are victims. In the long run, haters always lose. We are better at love than we are at hate.


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