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The Problem with the Internet - People

And God said, “Let there be bytes,” and there were bytes.God saw that the bytes were good...Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image" ... and everything started going wrong.

The Internet is not inherently bad, broken or evil. The technology and platforms are neutral. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo are not evil. Reddit maybe a little evil and 4Chan - well there will always by problem areas. Ah, but you say you have seen bad things on Yahoo News, Bing and Google search results. Yes. And that is not malice, just a program or algorithm doing impartially what it is meant to do.

All the technology on the internet works on variations of a simple formula; if "A then  B". If you make an event "A" (click a box, enter a URL, search a word), an action "then" is taken (open a form, redirect  user, deliver an ad) and a result "B" happens (form for new members delivered, sent to a traffic report website or get an ad for ice cream). This formula wh…