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Tech-ing as Good as the Bad Guys

Are you frustrated by hate on the Internet? Are you frustrated by not getting the response you want from the platforms? Do you know what your problem is? You're not as good at using the Internet as the bad guys.

The haters, terrorists and malefactors seem to have all the time in the world figure out technology, the Internet and the best way to confound the platforms. They have to. Manipulating and circumventing tech companies prohibited use policies and mechanisms is critical to distributing their vitriol.

It seems like we are always chasing after the bad. This is, in part, because we stubbornly cling to the idea that people are looking for the best uses of technology, not the worst. Of course, if you are someone  intent on creating mayhem, destruction and distress, that is what you would define as the best use of technology.  The bad players are out there and trying to use the best tech in the worst ways, and with great dedication.

Our most common response to hate is to turn it …