Evils Can Be Created Much Quicker Than They Can Be Cured. – Winston Churchill 1952

 I see the worst of the internet every day. I have come to think of hate as a physical thing. It has breadth – how many issues it covers, how many different hates.  It has depth – hate can be animosity or homicidal and it has height, magnitude – how far, how many platforms, people and apps does it infest.

 I have become convinced, in a sci-fi way, that it has  tiny  eyes and ears (hate does not care to listen or see much), has a huge mouth (loud and all consuming), many clawed yet short arms (grabbing slashing) and many legs (hate moves fast). 

 Hate is a monster that can operate as a unit or individually – one big foe, a bunch of little adversaries or a coordinated infantry. 

Opposing hate is a war of attrition. To oppose hate you need to know hate, understand hate, recognize hate. I have seen many haters come and go.  Hate weakens the hearts and minds of its proponents. Luckily, the last one standing wins. As long as we keep fighting, there’s a good chance we’re going to be OK.


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